The Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health (hereby called “the coalition”) envisions fair, equal and linguistically and culturally accessible mental health services free from stigma and fear for immigrants with mixed and/or undocumented status.


The Coalition is a collaborative community based and research informed initiative that is a partnership between individuals with undocumented status, mental health practitioners, community organizers, researchers, and allies.  The Coalition works to promote awareness of and access to culturally and linguistically appropriate mental health services through education, advocacy and resource sharing in order to improve and facilitate access to services for those who are undocumented or of mixed status. 

Strategies/Areas of Action

The Coalition provides a forum for dialogue regarding ongoing challenges, needed resources, and ways to improve current interventions and approaches to mental health in communities of undocumented status through the following areas of action:  

Education and Outreach

Develop trainings and educational materials about mental health, for service providers, educators, advocates, community at large, individuals with undocumented or mixed status and their families.  

Disseminate developed resources and other relevant information through social media outlets to community organizations, educators, mental health providers and others seeking to support individuals with undocumented or mixed status.

Connect with, support and network with initiatives and/or organizations that support immigrant and refugee communities.

Research and Data

Support and develop community based research to identify gaps in services and knowledge regarding the dynamic mental health consequences of undocumented status and translational research to improve services and interventions for undocumented individuals.  


Engage coalition members, community members as well as other stakeholders in advocating for positive legislative policies, programs and initiatives in support of people who are undocumented.